October 30, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How should I buy?

Once you’ve decided about the product you wish to buy, simply add it to cart and checkout.

What is the difference between Basic, Standard and Premium?

We understand the need of different user requirements. Therefore, we have three options which you can choose from while deciding about your product. The differences are stated below:

Basic – Cheapest, Minimal customization from our side.

Standard – Customization is more. More thought will go into designing and making your custom made product. Better than Basic.

Premium – The absolute best we can offer. Customized to a large extent keeping in mind the little details as well.

I am confused about my gift.

Yes, of course. Just email us at admin@redribbonbox.com with your query or use the contact form.

I┬ádon’t want to pay the whole amount.

Yes, we have provision for that. Just email us your requirements and the product you want to buy. We’ll ask you to pay an advance (not the whole amount). After the advance, we’ll send you a prototype of your product. If you like it you can pay the rest of the amount and receive the full gift.

How will i receive my gift?

We can email you your product or send you a link to download. Whatever suits you works best for us.